Vivant Alternate Herb Vaporizer

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The Vivant Alternate is pretty straight forward to use borrowing its design from the ever popular Storz & Bickel

To load the unit rotate the mouthpiece/cooling chamber 90 degrees to remove it from the Alternate and expose the heating chamber.

Vivant includes a grinder/packing tool which you can screw onto the device to make loading the Alternate less messy, but you can also just pack the unit with your fingers if you don’t want to go through the extra steps or already have a superb grinder like the Zeus Bolt. Once the unit is loaded swivel the mouthpiece back into place and you are ready for your first session.

To turn the Vivant Alternate on, press the power button at the bottom of the device 5 times. The display will illuminate and flash the last set temperature and then it will display the current temperature.

Use the + and – buttons to set the unit to your desired temperature and then press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds. The word “Heat” will appear on the display and the unit will begin to heat up.

There is an LED on the front of the unit that will glow red and then turn green once the unit reaches temperature. You can also look at the digital display to see where your temperature is at.

The Alternate has a default timer of 60 seconds at which point the unit will go into sleep mode. You can update the Vivant Alternates firmware via their website, which will allow you to change the timer up to 5 minutes.

This unit takes around 2 minutes to reach its max temperature.

Temperature Flexibility

The Alternate can be set anywhere between 80C to 220C which gives you a decent temperature range to work within.

And because the unit is a precise temperature control unit you can set the unit down to the individual degree for an extremely customized session. With such a wide range of temperatures it is sure to satisfy most users.

Vapor Quality

With such a large range in temperature you are really able to customize the type of vapor you receive based on your preference.

Those who prefer thinner vapor will be able to do so by using lower temperatures, while those who prefer thicker vapor can boost the unit to its highest temperature.