(special $9.99) Core Nemesis, Hyper drive, Raging dragon, Vanilla By Assavlt (min 2)

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Core Nemesis 30ml by ASSAVLT: This crimson concoction of red apples and strawberries will have your foes at the mercy of your power!

Hyper Drive 30ml by ASSAVLT:  With an electrifying fusion of espresso beans, chocolate, and hazelnuts, you’ll be going at the speed of light in no time!

Vanilla Crusher 30ml by ASSAVLT: From vanilla beans, to vanilla cupcakes, to vanilla custard, this variation of vanillas yields an incredibly sweet, yet, crushing finish.

Raging Dragon 30ml by ASSAVLT: This exotic mix of dragon fruits, acai, strawberries, and raspberries will take you to the skies!PG/VG Ratio: 50/50