Jane West x GRAV Steam Roller

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The Bubbler is a streamlined take on the classic upright, handheld water pipe. If you want to enjoy smooth filtration like a bong but without the size and heaviness then this piece is a dream come true. The Bubbler’s elegant silhouette fits easily in one hand and boasts an ergonomic mouthpiece that rests comfortably on the lips. Water filtration ensures a relaxing draw every time.



  • Height: 5.5 in
  • 25 x 4mm borosilicate glass tubing
  • Carb hole on left
  • Designed by Jane West, made by GRAV

  • The Steamroller is a contemporary, one-piece take on an iconic pipe design. This inspired steamroller is a lovely method of quickly delivering delicious hits to your lips. With perfectly placed finger rests, the Steamroller feels substantial and natural in hand, with an intuitive, oversized carb and lifted exterior bowl. A classic design improved for modern use.



    • 16 x 2.5mm borosilicate glass
    • Large funnel bowl
    • Reinforced mouthpiece and built-in roll stop
    • Length: 4.25 in
    • Designed by Jane West, made by GRAV

Spoon, A sleek and modern take on the traditional hand pipe, this pipe is part of the Jane West Collection and is conveniently portable for smokers on the go. This pipe shares the familiar shape of most hand pipes with the sophisticated twist of Jane Wests design to make your session more interesting, and of course more stylish.
Take your smoking experience to the next level with the Jane West Collection.

Height: 3.75”
Tubing Dimensions: 16 x 2.5 mm