Atmos Vicod Vaporizer Kit

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The Atmos Vicod Vaporizer has just released and it is one of the most promising handheld vaporizers of the Atmos Nation. The Atmos Vicod is a high tech device which utilizes a Lithium Polymer battery instead of the standard Li-Ion. The 2200 mAh capacity battery provides way better drain capabilities which translates into longer session time and better power management. Atmos Vicod vaporizer is relatively small in size which is about 5 inches tall and 1 inches wide. It fits in your hand nicely and has a good grip as well.

Atmos Vicod Vaporizer Temperatures & Heating:

Atmos Vicod vaporizer uses a temperature range between 350F to 430F. The temperature is user adjustable with up and down button conveniently located on the front face of the housing. The OLED display shows the exact and set heat level to the user. This is a conduction style vaporizer but it does a great job extracting dry leaf active ingredient.

Battery Life & Charging:

Atmos Vicod Vaporizer's LI-Polymer battery charges within 3 hours and demonstrates impressive fast drain capability. This means that you will get longer session time and better battery life. The remaining battery level is displayed on the screen. The 2200 mAh capacity of the battery is more than enough for this size of portable vaporizer. The unit is charged through Micro USB port at the bottom of the unit. The charger is also designed to be retractable which is very convenient to carry around on your keychain or similar.

Atmos Vicod Chamber:

The heating chamber of the Atmos Vicod vape is made out of stainless steel and it is quite spacious. The chamber also houses at the bottom a stainless steel screen which prevents material escape. The unit has a great under 60 second total heat up time and releases medium level vapor. Not harsh on the throat but still visible clouds.

The Vicod Vape Mouthpiece:

The mouthpiece is made of hard plastic but stylish glossy cover finish. It does not interfere with the taste of vapor. The mouthpiece is snap top so it is easy to set and position. It also allows easy loading and cleaning.

The box is complete with a cleaning brush, packing tool and user manual.

Kit Includes:
(1) 2200mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
(1) Easy-Access Mouthpiece
(1) Packing Tool
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Wall Adapter
(1) Retractable Micro-USB Charger
(1) User Manual